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Παραδοσιακά Προϊόντα στο Λασίθι


The southernmost city of Europe

Myrtos is one of the ornaments of Crete, a picturesque seaside village in southeastern Crete, near Ierapetra in the prefecture of Lasithi.
Myrto, along with 4 other settlements in the area, is a municipal apartment based in Myrtos, with a population of about 500 inhabitants (2001 census). In the summer, many tourists visit Myrtos and here you will find rooms to let, small hotels, restaurants, taverns, coffee bars, supermarkets and a gas station. Ierapetra can be reached either by car or by bus every 2 hours.



Myrto has shown significant tourist development in recent years, but this has not destroyed the traditional character of the village and its particular beauty.

In the summer, Myrtos buries life with the sea and tourists take the lead, while the winter days, peaceful and mild, pass through agricultural work. Myrto residents insist that the temperature in winter never falls below 12 C, and that's why they are among the few places in the Mediterranean that overwinter swallows.

Myrtos is a special place in Crete. In a few places on Crete you will see so many colors: the blue on the doors and the windows, the white on the walls of the houses, the bright red of the tomatoes hanging on the trees, and they are kept until they are eaten (a peculiarity that only in Myrtos you will come across), green from the mulberry trees on the streets and all kinds of plants and flowers in the courtyards. Myrtos is a quiet place where you will enjoy well if you are not looking for a lively nightlife. You will spend the day on the beach, drink your coffee overlooking the sea, read your book and walk around the area, while in the evenings you will enjoy your food and wine at a tavern by the sea or within the close to the village.

A visit to Myrto seems like a trip in time. Entering the seaside hamlet, images that look like postcards are taken together. Myrtos joins the landscape and the small settlement spreads along the sea.